Embarking on a weight loss journey is the first step of many towards becoming a better YOU. However, without the proper approach, mistakes are likely to be made, ultimately costing you time, effort, subpar results, and maybe even your health. 

In part, because there’s a lot of poor information and outdated advice on the internet regarding weight loss and fat loss, you need to be aware of where you’re getting said advice and whom you’re choosing to listen to.

In what follows, we’ll be sharing with you the most common fat loss mistakes that many make so that you don’t make them too. 

By avoiding the mistakes outlined throughout this article, and instead, implementing a guided and effective approach to your fat loss plan, you set yourself up for achieving the ultimate goal of weight loss safely and effectively.

Below Are Six Common Fat Loss Mistakes: 

  • Setting Unrealistic Goals & Expectations 
  • Not Seeking Out a Support System
  • Eating too Much or too Little
  • Not Drinking Enough Water
  • Falling Trap to Nutritional Buzzwords
  • Avoiding the Weight Room 

Setting Unrealistic Goals & Expectations 

Because of the saturation of information, fad diets, and false promises when it comes to the fitness industry, many set unrealistic goals and have high expectations when it comes to the results they desire and the time with which they expect to accomplish it. 

This couldn’t be more true when it comes to weight loss and fat loss…

Instead, fat loss must be approached with a long-term outlook. Sure, you can shed 10 pounds and reduce your body fat percentage drastically in a short period, but only by putting your overall health at risk. 

With that said, set practical, achievable, and attainable fat loss goals, and do what’s required to accomplish it safely and effectively. 

Not Seeking Out a Support System

Pursuing a fat loss journey is as difficult an endeavour as any, especially when it’s a journey being taken alone. The fact of the matter is that becoming overweight or obese is largely a result of poor choices and unhealthy habits. 

With that said, when the going gets tough and the cravings begin to set in, you’re going to want to resort to your old, familiar habits, and ultimately quit. 

Seeking out a support system is not only a way to hold yourself accountable, but it also provides a means of encouragement. While accountability is imperative when going through a journey such as weight loss, it’s just as important to have encouragement and support; a team to celebrate with when you accomplish your goals, both small and big.

Eating too Much or too Little

If you’ve done your research on what’s required to lose weight/fat, you’ve likely come across the saying “calories in, calories out”. If not, it simply means that eating in a caloric deficit is necessary for your body to lose weight and trim the fat. 

Whether it’s eating less than what’s defined as your maintenance calories, or if it means burning more than you consume, calculating your caloric requirements for fat loss is imperative to accomplishing your fat loss goals. 

In contrast, however, you can also eat too little. While it’s correct that you’ll most certainly be in a caloric deficit, you can enter into an extreme state that results in reducing your metabolism, depleting your musculature, and ultimately negatively impacting your health.

In summary, eating too much is a recipe for disaster, whilst eating too little can and will result in poor health and negative habitual rebounds such as binge eating. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

We all know how important water is for our general health and well-being. We also all know how much we should be drinking. Unfortunately most, especially those who are overweight or obese, consciously choose not to drink a sufficient amount.

While it’s widely understood that water is great for our general health, it may be less understood how powerful of a tool it can be when it comes to weight loss/fat loss.

The truth is, water is a great satiating agent. Even more, oftentimes we confuse hunger with thirst. So, the next time you feel like reaching for a snack, try drinking a glass or two of water instead!

Falling Trap to Nutritional Buzzwords

Although most have good intentions when it comes to dieting and changing eating habits, a lot of the time they fall trapped to nutritional buzzwords. Terms that are often misunderstood? Organic, diet, healthy, all-natural.

A great example of this is deciding to drink diet coke over regular coke. While it may sound healthier, it’s not. In fact, it’s simply a marketing tactic that many brands get away with…

To avoid these marketing schemes found on soda beverages, cereals, and more, it’s important to learn how to read food labels and understand what real health foods truly are. Here’s a helpful tip:

Tip: When grocery shopping, stay on the perimeters of the isles. Unbeknownst to the consumer, most junk food is placed in the middle of the store, while real whole foods are placed around the perimeter. 

Avoiding the Weight Room

Not exclusive to fat loss, many have the misconception that lifting weights “bulk” you up. For those that have this misconception and are seeking to trim fat, you’re likely to avoid the weight room.

This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Resistance training is arguably the most effective training method for those trying to lose weight because it both burns calories, improves metabolism, and builds lean muscle. The ultimate result? The promotion of fat loss, muscle gain, and a healthier YOU!

In Summary

While there’s a whole host of mistakes that individuals make when on a fat loss journey, discussed are what I believe to be the most common. By avoiding these mistakes, you ultimately set yourself up for long-term success.

Learn from those that have made them so that you don’t have to! Good luck!

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